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Available freelancers

Senior Freelance Consultant

Direcly available


Direcly available

Expert in R&D and Strategic Foresight - Life Sciences

Direcly available

Computer System Validation Consultant

Direcly available

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Available in August 2024

Sales and Strategy in South EU: Radiology, Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology,

Direcly available

Consultant Clinical Research

Direcly available

Experienced IT Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Direcly available


Direcly available

Senior CRA, multi therapeutic experience of clinical trials from start up to finalization

Direcly available

Data Scientist for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Direcly available

Digital freelance consultant

Direcly available


Direcly available

Project and Change Manager

Direcly available

Industrial Pharmacist

Direcly available

How It Works

For Compagnies

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    Use the freelancer search engine to find the most relevant candidates for your project.

  • Post your needs

    Attract freelancers by posting detailed information about your project.

  • Manage your candidates

    Review applications, schedule interviews and hired candidates from one place.

  • Collaborate easily

    Use chat to communicate with freelancers, issue work orders, track project progress and budget with fleexly timesheet.

For Freelancers

  • Complete your profile

    Tell us about you and fleexly connects you with the best companies' project.

  • Companies come to you

    Once your resume is published, companies see it immediately and will contact you quickly.

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    Use filters to find and apply to projects in your domain.

  • Collaborate easily

    Use chat to communicate with companies, share your project progress and budget consumption with fleexly timesheet.

What fleexly offers

A one-stop marketplace and a new collaboration model addressing all challenges faced by freelancers and companies.

A fast, simple and cost-effective online talent solution for companies and freelancers of life sciences sectors.

About Us

The fleexly story begins over a year ago, when the two founders realized that SMEs of the pharma, biotech and medtech industry were struggling with finding easily and quickly skilled resources for their decisive projects.

At the same time, a multitude of brilliant and passionate freelancers are looking for thrilling projects, while focusing on their freelance network expansion.

A new way of collaborating is born

In response, the founders created a new web-based platform that brings visibility to projects and trust to freelancers work.

Together they decided to start a company, fleexly, that would deliver a new piece of technology : a unique online talent platform for companies and freelancers of the pharma, biotech and medtech industry.

This sourcing platform gives to companies a reliable access to a large pool of quality professionals, while freelancers enjoy freedom and flexibility to find great projects online.

A world of opportunities

fleexly makes it fast, simple and cost-effective to find, connect to, work with, and pay the best professionals in the industry. All fleexly freelancers are experts in their field and are committed to make the difference in your decisive projects.

Our vision

Creating collaboration opportunities to foster innovation so patients have better health conditions.

Our mission

Connecting talented people and companies with great ambitions to work together with passion.

Our values

Make things fast and simple.
Promote trust while fostering growth.
Inspire an innovative future of work.