World Immunization Week 2021 : vaccines bring us closer

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World Immunization Week 2021 (April 24-30) aims to show how vaccination connects to people. This year's theme is "Vaccines bring us closer". The event wants to strenghten that vaccines matters for everyone and helps improve the health everywhere and throughout life.

For hundreds years, vaccines protect  against major threatening diseases. Without vaccines, life could not progress and the burden of these diseases would cost humanity hundreds of millions of lives.

This is why investments and research are crucial for a better vaccine development and adoption. Recent exemples of the "fast track" mRNA covid vaccines have shown us the importance of research efforts and biotechnology structures development. 

Together, researcher, scientists, biotechnology companies and public authorities can change the science of immunization, and bring us closer to a world without pandemics.

More info on the WHO World Immunization Week 2021 website.

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Picture credit : World Health Organisation