10 good reasons to recruit a freelancer in pharma, biotech and medtech

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Likewise the recent explosion of the freelancer status in the USA, the freelance trend becomes also a reality in Belgium, certainly at lower rate. With more than 1,100,000 freelancers registered in Belgium and an annual growth of 2,5%, more and more businesses prioritise collaborations with this type of worker rather than the employee contract.

It is, of course, common in the digital and IT sectors that freelancers register to dedicated platform to find mission and clients. However, the two founders of the innovative Belgian start-up, fleexly, realised that such platform was lacking in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors, while at the same time the SMEs were struggling with finding easily and quickly skilled resources for their decisive projects.

This observation has been at the foundation of fleexly.com, a new platform in the pharma biotech and medtech domains. fleexly.com claims that recruiting freelancers has undeniably advantages for SMEs. But what are these advantages? Below 10 good reasons to recruit a freelancer in pharma, biotech and medtech.


A great advantage of recruiting freelancers is the flexibility brought to organisations. The client company can decide to recruit a freelancer whenever a project is ready to start. The flexible freelancer status allows also companies to modulate the freelancer involvement according to the project budget and needs.


A good asset of freelancers is their adaptability. They can adjust their working hours according to the urgency of the projects assigned to them. In Belgium, the standard employment rules are rather strict and overtime hours can cost a lot to companies. Those rules do not apply to freelancers, thanks to their status, and they can adapt their timetable to satisfy their clients without worrying about the legal rules imposed by the authorities. This advantage is quite practical for a client company, especially if the project is in urgency or on fire.


Also, freelancers have a great autonomy and work independently. Due to their status and their multiple experiences, they know how to manage efficiently a role or a project without being “baby sitted”. This independence means that the client does not need to spend more money to follow up. A freelancer will always give results and deliver in full autonomy; it’s for them a question of reputation building.

Full control on costs

Working with freelancers allows client companies to have full control on the costs. Total cost of a freelancer is simply calculated by number of days multiplied by daily rate. Easy for the project budget forecast! No need to take care of paid holidays, social security contributions, meal vouchers, company car, insurances etc... This is all included in the freelancer rate. Also, by using adapted contract conditions, the client company may quickly, and at no cost, adapt the freelancer mission to the project budget line.

Simplified administration

Administration of freelancers is one of the simplest process for a client company. It actually doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork : setup just one contract with the freelancer, whether fixed price (paid on deliverable) or time & material (paid on consumed hours) and nothing else to declare. Steps to work with a freelancer are less restrictive for companies than with employees or interim as they don’t need to consult unions to use the services of a freelancer. Said it directly, working with freelancers makes accounting easier as they can be viewed as a service paid by an invoice. It’s an undeniable asset for start-ups and SMEs for which process simplification is crucial.

External perspective

Another freelancer asset is the external perspective they bring to their clients. Companies can hire specialists in almost any field of the pharma, biotech and medtech and they can bring on freelancers who have worked with several companies on various types of projects. This helps bringing a new perspective into the daily work or processes. Also, freelancers don't just bring new ideas or new ways of thinking, they also stimulate the client's teams to think differently.


The average freelancer is in the 40-50 age range and is always skilled, even very skilled. Most of freelancers have a higher degree diploma and accumulate many years of experience in the pharma, biotech, healthtech or medtech sectors. Moreover, they enrich their expertise by mixing successful experiences in various distinctive fields, which is an asset for the success of your projects.

Trained and certified

There is generally no need to train freelancers, as they often keep themselves up to date with the latest news and regulations related to their field in order to be ahead of their competitors. This is an undeniable advantage and saving for client companies in terms of time and budget. Also, freelancers are generally fan of certifications, which means that hiring a freelancer is a guarantee to get a highly recognised resource.

Of course, you’ll always have to train them to your specific internal processes, but due to their extensive experience, freelancers will be quickly familiar with your ways of working.

Rich experience

Freelancers work for several client companies and acquire a great and comprehensive experience. They construct a rich service offer based on their past missions in various contexts and may propose to you powerful “out of the box” solutions. Coming from outside your business, freelance workers can bring an external perspective and share development of their other projects with you.

Freelancing is a trend

Freelancing has become an increasingly popular career choice these last years. This is true for experienced (senior) workers who decide after an employee career to switch to freelance mode in the 40-50 age range. But this also truer for the young generations (millennial and gen-Z) who are not seeing work as a career destination and wish to change jobs more frequently to improve their work life balance.

About fleexly.com

Do you feel ready to work with freelancers? Then it’s time to connect to fleexly.com.

fleexly.com is a new online platform that brings visibility to projects and trust to freelancers’ work. It gives to pharma, biotech and medtech companies a reliable access to a large pool of quality professionals.

The platform offers a comprehensive set of features : matchmaking engine, recruitment workflow, interview and chat capabilities, contract and work order management, freelancer follow-up and rating. Registration, project publication and all platform features are free for companies. A competitive fee is charged only when a freelancer effectively works for the company. fleexly.com is currently dedicated to Belgian companies active in the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors, and it is open to all EU freelancers.